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The biggest vape reviewer RiP Trippers announced him quit vaping a few months ago for mainly three reasons. His health, no innovation in vape world, and the paid reviews with what came w...

Aug 20, 2020
what are atomizers vape ?
The four atomizers of Univapo is coming soon, what are u most looking forward to ?......

Sep 02, 2020
Vaping Versus Tobacco: The Truth You Need To Know
This segment of Whats Ahead tackles the mortally misbegotten campaign against electronic cigarettes. The attacks are factually false. Contrary to the antivaping narrative, e-cigarettes a...

Aug 27, 2020
<b>IECIE-Shenzhen Ecig Expo-Come and Win Our New Launch Products</b>
From August 20th to 22th, the year 2020 international E-cigarette Industry Expo will be held at Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, for 3 days. As one of the most influential and ...

Jul 23, 2020
<b>Univapo unix starter kit Launching</b>
Introducing the UNIVAPO Unix starter kit. With the concept of Less is more, the Unix starter kit adopts a front symmetrical arc design with aluminum alloy in a compact and ergonomic styl...

Aug 20, 2020
A Long-Term Study Suggests That Vape Is Safer Than Cigarettes
A new paper published in the American journal of preventive medicine is a longitudinal analysis of the relationship between vaping and lung disease. Researchers followed e-cigarette user...

Aug 14, 2020
What about secondhand vaping?
What about secondhand vaping? The vapor that is exhaled when vaping has particle matter comparable to an empty room, and the nicotine levels are too low to have any feasible pharmacologi...

Aug 12, 2020