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How many of the top 4 reasons why you fail to quit smoking?

  • WRITER : Kevin
  • TIME : Jun 30, 2020
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  • How many of the top 4 reasons why you fail to quit smoking?
    Now I have quit smoking for 11 months without smoking a cigarette, and I can't breathe obviously when playing basketball. These are the reasons why I failed to quit smoking several times. I hope I can give you some help.

    1. Fight smoking cessation

    Almost all smokers have used this method to quit, but few have had success.
    The principle is to directly cut off the intake of nicotine, so that the body forced to adapt to the state without nicotine, over time will produce anxiety, depression, salivary gland secretion increase, attention deficit, sleep disorders and other discomfort, and quickly re-smoking, and re-smoking after increasing the amount of cigarettes.
    Evaluation: Rough, direct, useless.

    2. Cut back on smoking

    This method is usually used after a hard fight against quitting has failed.
    The idea is to gradually reduce the amount of smoking (nicotine intake), allowing the body to adapt until eventually the body no longer needs the nicotine at all and quit.
    Very logical principle, but can use this method to quit successfully very few people, I have only heard, never seen, then this method on earth why the success rate is so low?
    Because this approach is mistaken in treating tobacco addiction purely as a physical dependence, ignoring psychological dependence, while in fact tobacco addiction is mainly psychological dependence (heart addiction).
    Smoking cessation with this reduction method does not reduce the inner need for cigarettes. On the contrary, the psychological need increases with the increase in the distance between the two cigarettes, and the psychological and physical delay in satisfying the psychological and physical addiction will be greater.
    Reduction requires more willpower than hard resistance, because hard resistance is short-term torture, while this method is long-term torture.
    Evaluation: People who quit smoking with reduced doses had an easier time quitting smoking with hard resistance.

    3. Hate quitting smoking

    This method is interesting because it shows that smoking cessation depends on mental awareness.
    The idea is to create a psychological aversion to cigarettes by looking at disgusting pictures and drinking water from tobacco leaves.
    Why can't you quit smoking? Because you like cigarettes, because you think they're good things, because you think you need them, you can't resist them with willpower, you can't succeed in quitting.
    The idea behind disgust therapy is to find ways to make your heart turn away from cigarettes, which in turn strengthens your will power to resist addiction.
    However, the success rate of this method is still very low. Why? It's too rough, it's too shallow.
    Viewing disgusting pictures or drinking water soaked in tobacco leaves can only make smokers temporarily disgusted with cigarettes, but cannot fundamentally change their perception of smoking. After a short period of abstinence, smokers will revert to bowing to tobacco.
    Evaluation: effective, but very limited.

    4. Drug blockers

    The idea is to block the brain's receptors for nicotine with drugs that, over time, give up smoking.
    This method has a very large effect on physical dependence, and can indeed block the body's need for nicotine, but there are still very few successful quitters. Why?
    As mentioned earlier, quitting smoking is primarily about getting rid of psychological dependence, and if you don't get rid of the psychological need to smoke, you can easily go back to smoking even if your body doesn't take nicotine for months or years.
    A lot of people who use these drug blockers stop taking them and start smoking because they're not psychologically free of dependence.
    Evaluation: thousands of yuan for a course of treatment, big side effects, pure money to buy an illusion.

    These are the biggest reasons for my failure from the beginning to now. In the next article, I will introduce some effective methods for me to quit smoking, and the process from using e-cigarette to quitting successfully.