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Leaking,Gurgling,Spitting? These 9 Tips Can Fix Your 99% Problems(Real Stuff)

  • WRITER : Kevin
  • TIME : Jun 18, 2020
  • TAG : Leaking Gurgling Spitting
  • Leaking, Gurgling, Spitting? These 9 Tips Can Fix Your 99% Problems(Real Stuff)

      No matter you’re a Newbie or an experienced vaper, leaking, gurgling, popping and spitting should be the most frequently problems you’ve ever met.

      Some vapers even quit vaping because of these annoying problems though.

      It’s really regrettable! Sorry that we didn’t publish this article until now.

      UNIVAPO interviewed 686 vapers who had vaped at least 3 years, and finally sorted out 9 tips for you which had been verified effectively by 90% testers.

    Tip 1 – Clean Condensations with Tissues/ Q-Tips Regularly

      This step is important. So we put it in first place. Condensations are almost impossible to avoid. 100% leaking are resulting of condensations.

      Take a tissue out to wrap the mouthpiece and shake it down firmly to get rid of excess condensations. Insert a Q-tip and push it to the bottom of the cartridge also helps to absorb the excess condensations and prevent leaking though.

    Tip 2 – Don't overfill your Tank/ Pod

      Filling with 3/4 capacity juice would be properly. Leaving a small amount of air actually creates a vacuum inside the tank which helps hold the e-liquid in the chamber.

    Tip 3 – Keep Your Unit Stand Upright and Close Airflow Ring When Not Vaping

      When you’re not using your vape, or even in between vapes, the kit should be kept stand upright and its airflow ring closed.

      With tanks/ pods laying down, the juice hole on coils would easily come out of e-liquids, seep through the coil, and into either the central tube, or out of the airflow holes.

    Tip 4 – Screw Everything in Place Firmly – Tighten Up Each Screws but Not Overtighten Them

      There are various components in a tank, it will definitely lead to a leak when you not tighten everything up.

      However, over-tighten would directly damage the O-rings, which are playing roles in perfect sealers. Any little splits or breaks might make you full hands of ejuices.

      Speaking of this point, there are many closed systems on the market that replace the whole pod when changing the coil, which means you don’t need to screw the coil out/ in and prevent leaking from this point.

      E8 Pod System (Buy E8 Pod Nwo) is a superb representative which is highly recommended by many influential reviewers since released.

    Tip 5 – Check Your O-Rings and Replace Them if Necessary

      Besides overtightening problems lead O-rings breaks, they can also degrade or get budged out of position over time, and may just be faulty when you first received them.

      To check your O-rings, you need to disassemble your tank, unscrew the various parts from the tanks, and look for the rubber rings on the coil head and at the base of your tank.

      It’s also worth checking that your O-ring is installed correctly, so everything fits perfectly with no gaps e-liquid can leak through.

    Tip 6 – Check Your Tank for Cracks or Other Damages

      A thin crack in the glass or a piece of bent metal can mean the tank is no longer airtight, allowing the juice to leak out and into the air hole valve.

      Change a new glass tube is a wise option to solve the problem.

    Tip 7 – Try A Thicker E-juice

      A thinner, PG-based juice will generally leak more than VG-based ones. So switching to a high VG juice will often at least ease the circumstance.

      But remember that a high VG juice might lead to dry hits especially when you use a MTL device.

      Reasonable PG/VG ratio helps a lot. Determine your juice ratio according to your own needs please.

    Tip 8 – Turn Up Your Power/Voltage Setting

      If your wattage/ voltage is too low, you might not be vaporizing the e-juice as quickly as your wick is supplying it.

      Try increasing your power or voltage setting within the available power/ voltage range.

    Tip 9 – Change A New Coil

      If all fails, it’s time for a new coil!

      Everything has a lifespan, coils are no exception. When your coil isn’t functioning optimally, flooding becomes a much more common issue, and leaking quickly follows.

    In Conclusion

      The above 9 tips are what we collect for our vape families. Definitely real stuffs! Collect and share it in case if you like this article.

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