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Minors should not be exposed to any electronic cigarettes!!!

  • WRITER : Kevin
  • TIME : May 13, 2020
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  •   In recent months, several states in the United States have sued e-cigarette manufacturers for marketing to minors. What caused public indignation also focused on the novel tastes of e-cigarettes, such as the gummi flavor, which seems to be clearly aimed at children.

      "Science" magazine believes that minors should not use any form of nicotine or THC products. Age restriction and taxation are effective ways to restrict minor groups.

      However, "Science" magazine also pointed out that although the number of young people's e-cigarette use has increased in recent years, the proportion of young people smoking cigarettes has fallen faster during the same period, indicating that e-cigarettes have replaced traditional cigarettes to a certain extent, rather than training new users.

      Fairchild said that instead of a blanket ban on e-cigarettes, it is better to intervene by age, such as limiting the minimum age of consumption, and prohibiting marketing to minors, which will be a huge improvement. There is evidence that after insisting on use, the vast majority of smokers successfully converted from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, transitioned from menthol to other flavors, and reduced nicotine concentration or even zero nicotine.

      In response to Tobacco 21 Campaign, univapo specially organizes learning activities and promotes accurate implementation in all aspects of operations. All univapo departments plan schemes on how to avoid minors getting in touch with vape related information and vape purchasing channels.