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The knowledge of wearing a mask

  • WRITER : Kevin
  • TIME : May 13, 2020
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  •   If you are wearing a mask to prevent the spread of disease, please use a medical surgical mask, the three-layer model. Others with vent holes, marked as reusable, and only used for dust prevention (such as Pitta masks), cannot block germs and viruses.

      General surgical masks can block pathogenic viruses transmitted by droplets, such as influenza virus and measles virus. When wearing a mask, the iron wire should be upwards, the color should face out, and the outer mask should be folded down. Because the mask is divided before and after, the inner layer absorbs water, the outer layer is waterproof, and the fold is down to prevent the accumulation of other people's droplets. Masks are only useful if they cover their nose and nose, and they cannot be reused. Two or three of the ten people on the street are wearing the wrong masks. Everyone should pay attention to the correct usage.

      The N95 respirator is mainly used to block airborne pathogenic viruses, that is, particles that are less than 5 microns (micron) and can float in the air, including varicella virus, SARS virus, and tuberculosis bacteria. Note that there are different models of respirator (not only the 3M hemispherical model). Strictly speaking, only after a fit test-that is, using the instrument to confirm that the respirator is not leaking-can you know which style of breath your face is suitable for Device. But it may be a price relationship. Even our medical students have failed to carry out the test before entering or leaving the tuberculosis ward, let alone the general public.

      Therefore, to prevent germs and viruses that are usually spread by droplets, surgical masks are enough. If the model is wrong, wearing N95 may not prevent airborne pathogenic viruses.

      In addition to frequent hand washing, a more effective way to clean hands (unless there is obvious contamination on the hands) is to use alcohol hand rub. Its ingredients include 80% ethanol for sterilization, 75% isopropyl alcohol, 1.45% glycerol for skin care and 0.125% "preservative" hydrogen peroxide.

      Whether you are washing your hands or using alcohol-based hand rub, do n’t forget your fingers, thumb, fingertips, and wrists. It ’s not enough to wash your hands.