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univapo presents unix: it is a simple to use kit with an excellent aromatic yield


What are vapers looking for nowadays?

This is a question that all electronic device companies ask themselves before launching their new products on the market. They also sought (and found) an answer in the city of Dongguan where Univapo is based : a company that produces personal vaporizers and accessories for the world of vaping. Among the flagship products of this Chinese brand , a kit stands out that has already caught the attention of many vapers.

Univapo's winning choice

Made of aluminum alloy, compact and ergonomic, the Unix starter kit is composed of an internal 1000 mAh battery, which delivers from 5 to 16 watts and with USB Type C charging, and is equipped with an exclusive design with functions' All in One '. True to the motto ' Less is more', Univapo also used a single button (for power, 'fire' and watt setting) and a small 0.54-inch OLED display. Very interesting, and above all childproof, is the refill system placed just below the drip tip: the latter protected by a magnetic cap. To fill the tank (2ml) it is in fact necessary to rotate the ring nut until it meets the hole (with anti-leakage system) to fill up with your favorite liquid. Unix mounts1.2, 1.3 and 1.6 ohm resistors and is able to meet the needs of those who love an MTL or pulmonary vape.

" To create the Unix starter kit, we thought of a convenient device to use, with small dimensions and excellent aromatic yield - explained Vimen, Univapo sales manager, reached by telephone by our editorial staff - We thought of a simple system, with one button, for fire and power adjustment, light and small enough to fit in any pocket . With the Unix starter kit we are gaining the trust of our customers and vapers. Developing a brand is not easy and takes time, but we are happy with how the market is responding “.



What are the main details that you take into consideration when thinking about a new product?

“ We always start by trying to meet customer needs, and we think that the first thing they are looking for is good taste. Most devices today no longer need high wattage and create a big cloud. Being able to enhance the aroma is becoming a difficult task for all brands. We have specialized in the vape industry for 8 years, and we always consider flavor as the main factor , not the extravagant aspect or the selection of multiple functions of the boxes. We have gained experience in knowing how to make excellent atomizers able to enhance the flavor. This is our main strength and we are proud of it “.

What are the differences between Univapo and the rest of the competition?

“ We want to stand out for innovative products and a thoughtful after-sales service. Competition is strong, but Univapo is growing and can count on a strong team of engineers and marketing staff. We're not just making a product, we're making THE product for the sake of vapers. We devote a lot of time to studying the market and to create more and more performing products . We may not be one of the most famous brands for now, but we believe we can win our share of the market ”.

What are the results of the fight against smoking in your country?

“ Not only in China, we believe, but also around the world, more and more people tend to choose the electronic cigarette . Most customers (57.8%) are aged between 26 and 35, followed by 36-45 (26.9%). Women account for 30%. The main reason why people choose the e-cigarette is for a healthier lifestyle and the interesting thing is that almost 90% of vapers are former smokers - concluded Vimen - More and more people have realized that the e-cigarette is a best and healthy choice. And this is a fact “.

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