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Methods and techniques of vaping smoke ring

Seeing that others can easily spit out smoke rings after smoking e-cigarettes chicly, but I can't spit out smoke rings no matter how to learn. In fact, it is difficult to spit out smoke rings because I have not mastered the methods and techniques. Today, the editor will share with you the shortcut of smoking ring!


One, the method of smoking ring

1. First take a deep breath of e-cigarette, hold your breath, and keep your mouth closed;

2. In the oral cavity, the tongue is slightly rolled, so that the tip of the tongue is in the middle of the mouth, so that the lips form an O shape and maintain the O shape;

3. Shrink the jaw, make the mouth smaller, relax the lips, and then squeeze out the smoke (note, not blow it out!) The action should be slow and light;

4. When continuously spitting out smoke rings, novices may wish to try tapping the cheeks rhythmically with the index finger.

Second, the skills of smoking rings

  1. Mouth shape


When the lips are O-shaped, the mouth shape just covers the teeth instead of covering the teeth. In the comparison of the operation of the package tooth and the cap tooth, there is a very obvious difference (provided that it will spit out the circle), the actual operation will know, the size is about the size of the beverage bottle mouth or larger , It’s best to practice in front of the mirror from the beginning. The smoke ring is also from bottom to top, don't always go in one direction.

2. Cough

Cough is a short cough. You don't need to use too much force in the early stage. Cough gently to find the sensation of coughing in the throat, and then increase the force little by little. Cough is fast and short. The force must be short. It cannot be dragged. There will be more smoke as soon as the tail is dragged. Therefore, the cough is short and fast. It is found that the size of the mouth and the strength of the cough will run forward. The basic skills can be said to be in place at the time of the above-mentioned kind (just keep your tongue flat and lay it flat).

3. Practice

You must practice more smoke-spitting rings, master the methods, and practice standing, sitting or some strange posture will disrupt the airflow, sitting will make the body heat rise and disperse the airflow, so practice standing practice.

4. Time is appropriate

You can't eat hot tofu if you are anxious, so don't be too eager to get results, lest you tire your throat.


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