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how to blow o's / smoke rings - vape beginners tutorial



As we all know, the precondition for practicing smoke rings is to blow out large smoke. As shown in Ohm's law I=U/R, when the voltage is constant, the smaller the resistance is, the greater the current is, the greater the calcifying capacity of the heating wire is, the better the atomization effect is, and the larger the smoke volume of e-cigarettes is. Smoke rings not only need to have a big smoke but also need to meet the following conditions, in order to better spit out the perfect smoke ring, here we made up the summary in the following, let’s see together.

1. Prerequisites for practicing smoke rings

1.1 Surroundings

There must be a lot of players looking for the right place to practice. For beginners, home or parking is recommended. If it is a veteran player recommended outdoor, such as a football field, basketball court, wide places, such places will have some wind but do the skills extremely beautifully.

1.2 A big smoke tank or Atomizer for large smoke

If you want to play with the large smoke, go with the RDA, like Symba RDA (Sub-ohm Tank Vaping Guide)

1.3 Vape Juice

When playing big Smoke, you must choose 100% pure VG smoke oil. The higher the VG concentration is, the more smoke you can produce. (What is PG and VG, How To Choose?)

1.4 Battery and drive system

The batteries of e-cigarettes are the basis for creating the smoke. In general, our e-cigarettes use two types of batteries, 18350 and 18650, with a rated voltage of 3.7V, but in fact, the voltage is not constant during the use of e-cigarettes. In general, under full charge, the real value of voltage can reach about 4.2V, while with the use of the e-cigarette, the voltage will continue to drop to about 3V or lower, and the amount of smoke will also become smaller.

In addition to voltage, another important parameter of a battery is the maximum current through. Generally speaking, there is a limit to the maximum current a battery can pass through. If the current exceeds this value, the battery will become hot and even explode. Here, I give you a simple calculation method to ensure the safety of e-cigarettes.

Safety calculation method: the voltage U marked on the battery (generally 3.7V)/resistance value of the atomizer R= actual current I1. When I1 < maximum current I marked on the battery, it is safe; otherwise, it is dangerous. (How to Calculate Ohm’s Law for Safe Vaping?)

2. Quick start

2.1: Draw a mouthful of smoke from your hookah

Take a nice long draw of your hookah (or argileh) but DO NOT INHALE; close your lips and let the smoke sit in your mouth as you’ll need it to make a thick smoke ring. You’ll enjoy the flavor more this way too, especially if you’re smoking flavored shisha like Heaven Leaf tobacco.

2.2: Press your tongue against the bottom of your mouth

With your lips still shut, shift your tongue back slightly, pressing it against the bottom of your mouth. This moves the smoke back towards your throat and creates a clear path for smoke rings to travel through.

2.3: Shape your cheeks and lips as if you were sucking on a lollipop, and open your mouth to form an ‘o’ shape

Pretend that you’re sucking on a Chupa Chup lollipop and bring your cheeks in to form an ‘O’ shape with your lips. Your mouth should be open roughly the size of a Malteser (sorry for all the candy examples) and your lower jaw positioned back.

2.4: Click your lower jaw forward to blow a smoke ring

To blow a smoke ring, click your lower jaw forward while maintaining the ‘O’ shape with your lips. The clicking of the jaw action should produce a short burst of breath and with it a perfectly round smoke ring into the air.

3.Easy method of blowing smoke rings

3.1: Blow smoke rings with a light tap of the cheek.

This is considered "cheating" by some, but it's an easy and effective way to blow small smoke rings without needing to master the throat technique.

    -Gather smoke in your mouth, but don't inhale.

    -Form your lips in a small "ooo" shape.

    -Using your tongue and mouth to blow some smoke out slowly and steadily, flick or tap your cheek repeatedly. For each flick of the cheek, you'll get a mini-ring!

    -Do this in a steady stream of taps or space the taps out with breaks in between.

3.2.Use the tongue-push method for smoke rings.

You are using the tongue to push smoke out of the mouth without "blowing" at all.

    -Curl your tongue back toward your throat while letting the tip rest on the bottom of the mouth, so that your tongue makes an upside-down "U" shape.

    -Use the flat surface of the tongue to quickly push the smoke out of the mouth. Do this by dragging the tip of the tongue across the bottom of your mouth while keeping the upside-down "U" intact.

    -Rings produced this way are small and don't last very long, but are very easy to make.

3.3.Use a cellophane wrapper to get smoke rings.

An alternate method (e.g. cheating) is to burn a hole in the cellophane wrapper in your cigarette pack. After inhaling smoke, blow it into the hole. Gently tap the wrapper on the side without a hole. A smoke ring will appear.

4.Advanced Tips to Blowing Smoke Rings

***Make them go faster. Push out the smoke rings out of your mouth by slightly jutting out your jaw forward.

***Put some backspin. Push your tongue forward as the vapor is leaving your mouth but keep it at the bottom of your mouth behind your teeth. You then use the middle of your tongue to quickly push the vapor out while pushing your jaw upwards. This keeps the rings tight and closes together.

***Make them look better. Curl your lips just as the vapor leaves your mouth. This will improve your smoke rings. The further and quicker you do this, the faster and farther they travel.

5. Common Reasons Why You Can’t Blow Smoke Rings

Blowing smoke rings with the vapors from your vape pen can be fun especially when you want to show off like other vapers. However, not everyone has such luck with blowing smoke rings. Here are five reasons why you or your friends may find smoke rings elusive.

5.1: Poor Technique

Applying a spin when blowing smoke rings will keep them in shape for much longer than when you don’t. If you just blow vapor in the shape of an "o" without any spin, the "o" will dissipate before it even gets formed.

5.2: Bad Form

Getting the right form or the right “O” shape of your mouth involves flattening your lips against your teeth, and not puckering them too much or curling them inward. You won’t be able to blow smoke rings if you are not able to assume this form.

5.3: Not Enough Vapor

If the vapor you inhale is not enough, there is no way you will make smoke rings. This is because the smoke rings are made of lots of vapor. So when there isn’t enough vapor, there won’t be any smoke rings to produce.

5.4: The Environment

How windy is the environment where you are vaping? Even a slight draft is enough to prevent you from producing smoke rings. So ensure that you are in a calm environment with light or no movement of air before you try to blow smoke rings.

5.5: Practice

How long have you practiced? Only dragons are supposed to be born with the ability to blow fire and smoke rings. Since you are not one, you should practice the right technique and form, time, and time again.

6. 5 Popular Vape Trick Stars To Follow



7.A story about a man blowing smoke rings

An important prerequisite is to find the right way.

In the beginning, when I practiced spitting continuously, I coughed with my throat and my mouth was in an O shape with my mouth not so wide open.

I have a friend in the practice of continuous smoke ring, the mouth opens especially big, as if in front of a piece of braised pork in soy sauce waiting for him to eat.

At the beginning of my practice, my tongue was turned up 90 degrees. At that time, I could spit out more than ten in 3 or 4 days. However, I felt that my tongue must be wrong when I continuously spit out smoke rings because the tail (tail smoke) of the smoke rings I spit out at that time followed a lot.

Then I asked people what was going on, and they said it wouldn't be like that if your tongue went down.

Then I practiced for a few more days and realized it was wrong again, so It took me another week to correct it.

The latter method is to press the tip of the tongue down against the root, but this produces a very small smoke ring.

The way I've been doing it lately is to hold my tongue at a Right Angle to my chin, and just cough and cough and smoke a little bit more.

Continuous smoke rings you must get a big smoke a little bit, oil storage and dripping will do. Even spit, see a lot of people are a puff, and then spit out a little, why do so?

Because the forming of the smoke circle still depends on the mouth to fill the smoke, at that time spit out it will have a smoke because if you breathe in the lungs smoke all in the lungs if you do not spit out a little bit of the first few breaths will not spit out the smoke, so you have to spit out a little smoke to make sure the mouth filled with smoke.

If you smoke with your lungs, you want to spit out a lot of smoke rings. My personal experience is not to spit out a little waste smoke directly and then start to spit out smoke rings continuously. Instead, you breathe back into your lungs to make sure that you have more air to follow and then spit out a little waste smoke.

Practice even smoke rings. Your smoke ring must not jump, such as spit good after you go to practice. Spit double circle (fingers reached in the middle position) will be very fast, personal experience is probably two days like practice.

To sum up, I practiced smoking for a week, practiced it for 3 days when my tongue was stuck up and practiced it for 4 days when my tongue was against my teeth. I felt that I practiced it faster.

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