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Brief introduction of e-cigarette

First: What is an e-cigarette?

E-cigarette is a non-combustible cigarette replacement product. It has some characteristics similar to ordinary cigarettes. It can refresh and satisfy the smoker's pleasure and use habits developed for many years. However, it is fundamentally different from ordinary cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not burn, contain no tar, and do not contain more than 460 chemical substances that can cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases when ordinary cigarettes are burned, thus eliminating ordinary cigarettes. Carcinogens. Will not produce "second-hand smoke" harm to others and pollute the environment. When the user breathes in the nicotine mist, he feels the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigarettes. It truly simulates the whole process of smoking from the perspective of human psychology and physiology, and creates it with real high-tech methods. Safe and healthy smoking methods have created a future-oriented healthy and environmentally friendly smoking culture.

Product structure:

It is composed of aerodynamic sensing circuit, intelligent control circuit, servo execution circuit, intelligent chip, ultrasonic atomization generator, atomization chamber, lithium ion battery and other microelectronic high-tech devices. It is developed by modern high-tech intelligent microelectronics technology. The control realizes high-tech humanized functions such as air flow sensing, smoke simulation, mist temperature control, and standby at any time.

4 leading products:

1. Leading safety: the nicotine content of all high, medium and low concentrations of special cartridges is lower than that of ordinary cartridges. The microcomputer smart chip is designed through a special liquid supply barrier state, so that the smoker cannot exceed the program setting time Continuous smoking reduces the frequency of use to protect the health of smokers. It is safer to use, and there is no effect on the amount of smoke;

2. Leading taste: Refining pure natural plant essence, the taste is completely close to real cigarettes;

3. Leading technology: The microcomputer smart chip controls the suction process throughout the whole process, which completely simulates real smoking, making smoking easier. Inhale lightly, thick smoke billows, and the amount of smoke is huge;

4. Leading functions: The microcomputer smart chip automatically detects the internal cleaning status, and automatically cleans in time to remove traces of dirt and ensure that the amount of water mist is always up to the standard.

quit smoking principle:

designed a scientific procedure for smoking cessation in accordance with the principle of nicotine replacement recommended by the World Health Organization. By continuously reducing the amount of nicotine inhaled, e-cigarettes enable quitters to unknowingly reduce the body’s physiological demand for nicotine to zero, and at the same time

Brief introduction of e-cigarette

Avoid endocrine disorders and withdrawal syndrome caused by sudden smoking cessation, so as to achieve the goal of quitting smoking without pain.

Second: How to quit smoking e-cigarettes:

use high nicotine content "e-cigarette" cartridges for 4 weeks according to normal habits; (the specific time varies from person to person)

Finally, within 2-4 weeks, the goal of completely quitting smoking is achieved by using nicotine-free "electronic cigarette" cartridges.

Third: Can e-cigarettes really quit smoking

Although our shop specializes in e-cigarettes, we are based on the principle of honesty and honesty. So the answer is: it varies from person to person. If you insist on using e-cigarettes for a long time, and insist on installing the four-step smoking cessation method, slowly transition from high-concentration cartridges to low-concentration cartridges, and finally you can adapt to zero-concentration cartridges, then you will be able to Successfully quit smoking.

Fourth: What is a smoke bomb?

The cartridge is the so-called cigarette holder, which is a necessary part installed on the electronic cigarette atomizer. The cartridge is composed of an e-liquid storage body and a cigarette holder cap. A certain amount of e-liquid is stored in the cartridge. When the electronic cigarette is working, the liquid in the cartridge is atomized into gas under the action of the atomizer, thereby forming smoke like real smoke. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the e-cigarette, the larger the cartridge, the more e-liquid stored in the cartridge, and the more durable the cartridge.

cartridges come in various flavors and concentrations. Common flavors include Marlboro, flue-cured tobacco, mint, 555, Yunyan and various fruit flavors. There are only four concentrations, high, medium and low. Nothing means that it does not contain any nicotine, so there is no smoke smell. The higher the concentration, the more smoky smell.

Fifth: What is liquid smoke?

smoke liquid is a pure natural essential oil that uses high-tech extraction technology to extract aromatic oils, phenols, ketones, etc. from tobacco leaves, which can fully reflect the aroma of tobacco, and can be atomized after special treatment. The chemical components in tobacco are very complex and generally divided into three categories: non-nitrogen-containing compounds, nitrogen-containing compounds, and inorganic salts. The main components include monosaccharides, disaccharides, starch, vinegars, pectin, resin, protein, and amino acids. , Nicotine, aromatic oils, polyphenols, etc., some of which are not conducive to human health. The tobacco liquid only extracts and separates the tobacco essence that is harmless to the human body and can reflect the unique tobacco aroma, and can meet the needs of smokers who want to be addicted to cigarettes without affecting their health.

The role of smoke liquid is to store it in the cartridge, and produce smoke that can be inhaled after being atomized by the atomizer. Each cartridge contains a certain amount of liquid smoke. The smoke liquid will also be sold in vials. There are also a variety of flavors and concentrations to choose from. The purchaser reduces the cost of using electronic cigarettes by adding smoke liquid to the cartridge.

E-cigarette common problems and solutions

1. The lights are not on, and there is no smoke

·Battery without power: Please charge the battery with the matching charger (please refer to the instruction manual for charging method). The battery head light will be on when the battery is charged for 3 hours after charging, and the battery can be removed for use after the light is off. The charging time should not exceed 4 hours, otherwise the battery is easily damaged.

·Battery is in a protected state: When you take more than 15 consecutive breaths or use it for a long time (more than 5 seconds), the battery will be in a protected state, and it can be used normally after about 20 seconds.

·The battery and the atomizer are not tightened: please tighten the battery and the atomizer so that the contact part is in full contact.

2. Small amount of smoke

·The smoke is obviously smaller during the inhalation: the cartridge is used up, please replace it with a new cartridge, and wait for seven or eight seconds before it can be used normally.

·Drop a lot of smoke liquid or the just-changed smoke bomb, the amount of smoke is still very small: there is too much smoke, please turn the atomizer upside down and shake out or blow out the excess liquid in the atomizer, after smoking two or three times It can be used normally.

·The amount of cigarette smoke is still small: the user uses improperly. When the user smokes hard, the e-cigarette only works for a short time because the user can’t keep up, so the amount of smoke is small, so the correct way to use it It takes a light and steady breath to enjoy the pleasure of e-cigarettes.

3. LED lights often flash

·In the process of using, the indicator light on the front of the e-cigarette often flashes inexplicably: the program is set, the e-cigarette adopts a humanized design, and it is using 13-15 puffs (less than a few cigarettes), or When one breath is used for too long (more than 5 seconds), the indicator light will flash.

4. Cigarette holder is hot

·I feel that the cigarette holder is very hot when I smoke: It is frequently used or the e-liquid is not enough. Because the electronic cigarette uses a heater to atomize the e-liquid, the core temperature is as high as 280 degrees. Obviously hot, but too frequent use or insufficient e-liquid will accumulate a certain amount of heat and feel a little hot. Just use it like normal smoking. In addition, when the ambient temperature is too high, you will also feel hot. Minimize the use of electronic cigarettes in overheated environments.

5. There is a sound when using

·When in use, the atomizer makes a "chuck" sound: the sound of smoke liquid atomizing, the electronic cigarette is instantaneously sublimated into gas by the liquid-like smoke liquid installed in the heater, due to the violent physics in the sublimation process The sound produced by the change is a normal phenomenon.

6. Smoke liquid in the mouth

·When using e-cigarettes, the e-cigarette is inhaled in the mouth: too much e-cigarette or improper use of the method. There are devices inside the e-cigarette to prevent the liquid from flowing back and prevent the inhalation of the mouth, but the same as the e-cigarette, the "smoke" is formed by liquid liquefaction Yes, after taking dozens of puffs, because the vaporized liquid touches the inner wall of the cooler cigarette holder, it will liquefy into small droplets attached to the inside of the cigarette holder, and a small amount of liquid may be sucked out when inhaling again, which is normal physical Phenomenon, you only need to install the e-cigarette and flip it out and wipe it dry. In addition, the same as the user’s own method of adding drops of smoke liquid, too much smoke liquid may be used to enter the atomizer, or smoke liquid may be inhaled.

7. Burnt

·Scorched smell during smoking: When the liquid of the cartridge is used up, please replace it with a new cartridge immediately. The cartridge can be used normally after seven or eight seconds.


·Electronic cigarettes should be placed in a cool and dry place.

·When the electronic cigarette is not in use, please loosen the atomizer and battery to prevent misuse.

·When not in use for a long time, the atomizer should be unscrewed and stored separately from the battery, and the excess smoke liquid in the atomizer should be dried.

·The opened pod will be used up in two or three days!

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