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How to Use a Vape Pen


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How to Use a Vape Pen

    With a similar function system to other e-cigarette models, a vape pen is versatile. Over the years, vaping has become a stylish exploit with about 6.6% market growth in China only.


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    Before, vaping was limited to nicotine, but currently, there're diverse options. Did you even know vape pens also use weed, dabs, and wax?

The rising demand for vaping has metamorphosed the need to understand what exactly vape pens are; parts, functions, and advantages. Well, using a vape pen is not rocket science. Flip through and, you'll figure it all out.

What exactly is a Vape Pen?

    When the vape pens hit the market, they looked more like traditional cigarettes, smaller in size. Now, vape pens are cylindrical in shape, and look like USB memory sticks with rechargeable battery-power that heat to produce vapor.

The vape pen has long been a staple of the industry, with each new model being more efficient than the last. Currently, they have large batteries with atomizers that allow varieties of liquid to vape. Not to forget, they have cartridges or reservoirs that are exchangeable. Also, vape pens are highly portable.

Parts of a Vape Pen

    It is not every day that people take a closer look at what a vape pen is, but for an uninterrupted experience, it's wise to know the parts of a vape pen. While most vape pens have akin segments, some differ a tad.

1. Cartridge

    Also known as cannabis cartridges, vape cartridges are in two forms with two components. The components include a cannabis stimulant called THC and cannabinoid (CBD). And, the two forms of cartridges are either pre-filled or those that use wax, sugar, or budder.

The pre-filled cartridges are rather delicate, while those using wax require airtight container storage. One advantage of the pre-filled oil cartridges is that it's easy to use while traveling. On the other hand, the wax type requires a dab for scooping the wax. Plus loading and re-loading of the cartridge.

2. 510 Threads

    Battery connections use threads to be successful. So, 510 means 10 different strands of 5mm connected to the battery. One of the most common connections is with THC oil cartridges. And by now, you’re familiar with THC oil cartridges.

    The first producers of vape pen batteries invented the name. And it set off the current standard for vape pens and e-cigs. Well, this ushered in the tranquil use of cartridges and vape pens together.

    Besides, the 510 thread batteries are in myriad forms basing on the power switch, pre-heat buttons, and temperature adjustments. So, if you’re looking for a vape pen battery thread that is universal by vapers, try 510 threads.

3. Internal Battery

    Among the main parts of a vape pen is the internal battery that's inbuilt and rechargeable. The internal battery gets charged through a USB cable and provides varied options for the users.

You should know that this type of battery has a life span. After a given period of use, the batteries fail to keep the charge. It’s because they have a fixed charge amount that later fails to hold up to your vaping needs.

Types of Vape Pens

    Vape pens have numerous options. The varieties are available to satisfy you based on the substance you want. Here, you’ll identify different vape pens based on their functionality and the e-liquid used.

1. What is being Vaped

    As much as people vape even coffee, there're only two categories of vape pens based on the substance used. The nicotine vapes and the cannabis/CBD vapes are the only two vape pens that work with different vape juice.

Nicotine vapes

    It's a vape pen with only nicotine preferences that modifies from 0% to 5%. So, are you looking to vape on different flavors of tobacco, desserts or do you want some unflavoured experience? Nicotine vape pen offers such an experience.

Cannabis/ CBD Vapes

    This category includes CBD and weed/ THC vape pens. The vape pen utilizes THC, CBD, or other plant substances ranging from dry herbs to concentrates as e-juice. And have 510 thread batteries that are rechargeable. They are small and convenient.

2. Ideal Heat Settings

    The heat settings on different vape pens define your vaping experience. For instance, the most common heat settings are low, medium, high, and dab settings. If you want to inhale on THC cartridges without pressing any switch, then the first three heat settings are best for you.

    There're vape pens designed for low heat of about 2.4 volts. And they include high terpene content and live resin cartridges. In most vape pens, this setting has a purple color.

    Moreover, the medium settings are 3.2 volts and paramount for an average full-flavor hit. It has a red color.

    The high heats setting is approximately 4.0 volts and has a low flavor with a big hit. Besides, it's not suitable for all THC cartridges.

    Cannabis substances utilize the dab sets. With THC cartridges and a 510-thread wax atomizer, the dab setting is possible. However, you must be sure that your vape pen can take up this heat level before using it to avoid burning.

3. Button vs. Button less Vapes

    Have you come across the button or the button-less vape pen? Well, nows the time:

    The button vape pen or the push-button vape pen starts functioning when you press the switch five times continuously. Also, this type of vape pen might have an option to regulate the voltage or have pre-heat mode. Voltage regulation in button vape pens is activated when the switch is pressed thrice in a row, while the pre-heat model requires double pressing.

    On the other hand, the button-less vape pen starts working once you wisp on them. In this type of vape, puffing is necessary. The vape pen lacks any buttons to turn them on. While they are simple to use, they have a limiting functionality as compared to button vapes.

Advantages of a Vape Pen

    From this read, are you hoping to start using vape pens? If you are, then you’ve got to understand the advantages of a vape pen.

1. It is Much Healthier

    Do you know natural and inorganic plant substances are the primary producers of e-liquid? Vape pens have been considered as a healthier option than traditional cigarettes.Apart from it, it’s free from burning and smoke and hence the safety for using.

2. It Saves Money in the Long Run

    Compared to traditional smoking, using vape pens is less costly. For instance, if you're smoking five cigarettes a day, you’re spending 76% more money than someone using a vape pen. So, if you want to save money in the long run but still enjoy your puff, use a vape pen.

3. The Longevity

    Vape pens last longer than traditional cigarettes. They’re durable, therefore,its a pleasant to have one for your own. However, its undeniable that you need to maintain it, using it based on the guidelines of your device. Longevity depends on your ability to keep the vape pen in a good condition.

4. Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes

    While a vape pen is modish and chic, you have a lot more to gain. Smoking is enslaving and harmful but, vape offers you a much better experience. You puff on healthy substances. So, to quit cigarettes but still enjoy the puffs, you can try vape pens.

How to Use a Vape Pen

    Vape pens are similar; they have common parts like the battery, atomizer/heating chamber, charger, and mouthpiece. For a vape pen to work, the batteries power the heating chamber. And whether cannabis, wax, oil, or nicotine e-juices, the heat vaporizes the contents.

 Then, it will produce vapor inhaled through the mouthpiece. The vape pen is left to charge when it runs out. Or, it's disposed of if it was a pre-filled type. And, remember to always use the correct concentrate for your vape.

Well, that was easy!

Find the Right Vape Pen for you.

    Now you know parts of a vape pen, types, and advantages. From this information, you can settle on what works for you. Is it a THC and CBD oil cartridge that you prefer? Then try a 510 thread vape pen! Are you choosing dab, wax, and weed, or nicotine e-juice? A specialized vape pen will work for you. Always ensure you have the right vape pen for your needs.

First developed as an alternative to cigarettes, vape pens have gained eminence. The vaping world now has scores of devices and, the vape pen is one of the common ones. Try them out today. You’ll love the experience!

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