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the history of e-cigarettes you didn't know about?



E-cigarette oil is a substance in "deep contact" with e-cigarette users, and its importance is self-evident. Different e-oils taste and feel different. As the "lifelong companion" of e-cigarette, the development history of e-cigarette oil is closely related with the development of e-cigarette equipment. Let Univapo take you through the past and future of e-cigarette oil.

0 What is an e-cigarette?

An E-cigarette is an electronic product composed of a smoke rod and an atomizer, in which the smoke rod is a battery (there are two types of charging and charging batteries), and the function of the atomizer is to atomize the smoke oil, so as to generate steam for users to smoke.

E-cigarettes are mainly used for smoking, quitting smoking, playing with three kinds. Han Li invented the e-cigarette to help his elderly father find an alternative to cigarettes, so the e-cigarette came into being. Early e-cigarettes were indeed used more to stop smoking and replace cigarettes.

1 Who invented the e-cigarette?

Herbert A. Gilbert

In 1963, the first e-cigarette patent was filed by A man named Herbert A. Gilbert. He was the first person to invent "Smokeless non-tobacco cigarette." Unfortunately, the device works by heating a nicotine solution to create steam, mimicking the feeling of smoking. Therefore, at that time, the smoke oil was simply a "nicotine solution". Considering the basic characteristics of nicotine unpleasant and bitter, presumably the "smoke oil" at that time must not taste good, and the feeling of use should be similar to that of taking medicine. So nothing.   

hon lik                                                       

1.1 The first VAPE device of modern times was born

It wasn't until 40 years later, in 2003, that a Chinese pharmacist named Han Li stepped in and invented the first e-cigarette, called "Ru Yan". Mr. Han li, whose father died of lung cancer, was a desperate smoker in his early years. This motivated him to find a more convenient and effective way for more smokers to quit and replace cigarettes. A year after applying for a patent, Hanli set up a company to promote e-cigarettes.

1.2 hon lik net worth

As of 2019, Hon Lik's net worth is estimated at $50 million

1.3 Debate between inventors

In the 21st century, people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of tobacco. Many developed countries in Europe and the United States have enacted laws to restrict the production, sale and use of tobacco. The modern electronic cigarette was invented in the context of the urgent need for a product that could help people quit smoking and replace cigarettes.

But there is a little controversy about the invention of the modern electronic cigarette. On the one hand, a Chinese pharmacist named Han Li first applied for a patent in 2003, and on the other, a European named Steven Vlach, at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in 2002 The first e-cigarettes on display were not patented until 2004, when Chinese e-cigarettes were discovered on the market, and no one could prove exactly how stolen the patents were.

However, the international convention is based on the earliest applicants, so currently recognized as the inventor of the modern e-cigarette is Han Lik rather than Herbert A. Gilbert.

1.4when were e-cigarettes introduced in the us

In 2007e-cigarettes were introduced to the American market. The major tobacco companies that have purchased or developed e-cigarette products include: Lorillard acquired Blu, the leading e-cigarette brand in the United States.

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2. how do e cigarettes work 

Most portable vaporizers contain variable temperature control devices that are operated with the click of a button or turn of a small dial. This activates the battery, which heats the element and vaporizes the flower or concentrate contained within the chamber, sending it into the mouthpiece for inhalation.

Pen style.
Box Mods and mini mods.
Pre-filled capsules.
Refillable tanks.
Rechargeable kits.
Variable voltage.

3.  types of e cigarettes

Pen style.

Box Mods and mini mods.


Pre-filled capsules.

Refillable tanks.

Rechargeable kits.

Variable voltage.

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4. Top 10 China Vape e cigarette brands



3、Kimree,NOS,ECS, Ammo,Ygreen








10、Smokjoy ,VIIEK

5. Future e-cigarette development trend

North America and Western Europe respectively account for 43 percent and 34 percent of the global e-cigarette market, while Asia-pacific only accounts for 10 percent of the global e-cigarette market. The current consumption pattern is expected to continue in the future. In terms of product preferences in different regions, in 2017, Western Europe was dominated by open e-cigarettes (accounting for 86%), while driven by UNIVAPO and other products, North America has been dominated by closed e-cigarettes (accounting for 62%), and it is expected that the future consumption structure will be dominated by closed products.

6. recommendations for e-cigarettes in 2020

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