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How to make your RDA coils last longer


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If you're a vaper, you're probably aware of the importance of RDA coils. RDA coils have an important part in e-liquid combustion. The term RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Quite a cool name, isn’t it?  It's a sort of RBA that lets you effortlessly add juice to the coils and wicks. An RDA's structure does not include a tank. Before starting to vape, the user must drip the e-liquid directly onto the coil or wick by removing and replacing the cap. Some RDA coils, on the other hand, may feature an e-liquid reservoir.

Coil maintenance has never been more vital. If you vape frequently, you may want to learn how to extend the life of your RDA coils. So, without further ado, let's get started.

When should you clean your RDA coils

One of the most popular inquiries as more people become interested in maintaining their vapes is how often they should clean it. If you do not clean it often, the taste of vapor produced by e-liquids may appear burnt as a result of regular vaping. It's possible that you'll want to replace your vape. However, they do not need to be replaced every few months. Cleaning the RDA coils and wick on a regular basis should be enough to ensure a long-lasting vaping experience.

Although there are many differing viewpoints on how to clean vapes. Cleaning your vapes once every two to three weeks is recommended. Putting it off any longer will result in long-term harm. If you clean your vapes every few weeks, you may expect them to live significantly longer. The main purpose of cleaning the RDA coils is to extend their life and so that they can provide a better experience while vaping.

How to clean your RDA coils in 5 easy steps

The atomizer, namely, the RDA is more likely to perform a lot better when you keep it rather than keeping it gunked up. If you notice any dark sludges in your coils or hear any sort of sizzle, be prepared to clean it. Let’s dive into five easy steps to clean your RDA coils.

Disassemble your RDA

Examine the RDA more closely to see if there are any flaws. Vaping frequently results in the creation of more sludge, which must be cleaned on a regular basis. As soon as you've confirmed that everything is in working order, disassemble your RDA completely. Do not use too much force when disassembling your RDA. Otherwise, it might not work as well as it used to. Keep the O-rings aside because they don't need to be cleaned. It is not suggested to clean the O-rings because their forms may be altered.

Wash your RDA

In a basin, combine dish soap and lukewarm water. Using hot water to wash the RDA is not recommended at all. Put everything in the bowl as soon as you notice the soap foams. Make sure the O-rings aren't in the bowls, though. We can tell you from personal experience that it's not something you should try. Allow the RDA to soak for a while before removing it once all of the residues have fallen off.

Rinse and Dry

It's vital to rinse your RDA after soaking it and removing it from the dish. Rinse it with water to remove any extra soap that has clung to it. After you've finished rinsing it, pat it dry with paper towels.

Reassemble and Build

It's time to put the RDA back together. Gently reassemble the RDA. Check that all of the necessary components are in good working order before reassembling. Your atomizer is now ready to deliver a more satisfying vaping experience.


After you've finished cleaning, you may relax and enjoy your vaping experience. Soak the cotton in your favorite e-liquid, then screw it into your mod and vape away.

How to maintain an RDA coil

Maintaining an RDA coil contributes to a long-lasting vaping experience. You must know how to maintain an RDA coil if you want an optimal vaping experience. Because each RDA coil is different, there are many different ways to maintain it. Here are a few common hints that you might find useful.

Using the right amount of cotton

Cotton is commonly used for soaking in e-liquids. Keep in mind, however, that there is an appropriate amount of cotton for vaping. You may occasionally get scorched hits if you use too much cotton. The vape, on the other hand, will display inconsistency if you don't use it as much. The correct amount of cotton is two to three times the diameter of the coil into which it should be inserted.

Don’t burn off juice buildup on coils

The heat generated by the coils turns the e-liquid held in the wick into vapor. When the majority of the juice has been used, soak cotton in enough e-liquid to restart the session. If there's only a small quantity of juice remaining in the coils, it'll probably taste burnt. Aside from that, destroying your vape by burning off juice accumulation is a bad idea. What's the end result? The RDA coils are nearing the end of their useful life.

Ensure your coils are placed correctly

Make sure you've removed the old cotton and coils before cleaning your RDA. After removing the old coils, replace them with newer ones and tighten the appropriate screws. You should center the coil and use wire cutters to clip any surplus wires. Check to see if there are any shorting issues. While heating the coils, make sure to pinch them using ceramic tweezers. In order for the coils to heat up uniformly. After that, simply insert the appropriate number of coils.

Final words

When you appreciate something, the upkeep that comes with it is never out of style. You should clean your vape on a regular basis for a nice and long-lasting vaping experience. Also, avoid overusing anything that will not improve your experience. Hope you had a fun read.


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