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How To Break Off Cough After Vaping?


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A person new to vaping can initially experience coughing. There may be chances that some individuals might not contact it. However, most people do. Coughing can put off your mood and make you irritable. You might think vaping is not something enjoyable or other similar thoughts.

Most people who vape to quit smoking might have been coughing after the first few trials. It is a common issue among beginners who try to vape. E-cigarettes can be a challenge for some people who are not familiar with them. Nevertheless, one can learn how to stop and avoid coughing to smoothen their vaping experience.

However, before we learn how to break off coughing after vaping, it would be better to know what causes it. We have included all these details in this article. It will help you rectify the cause and prevent coughing when you vape excellent CBD vape pens.

How is cough caused by vaping?

On a lighter note, it could be just because you are new to vape. You may lack the experience or the proper way to inhale the vaping liquid, which makes you cough. Vaping pens are different from conventional cigarettes and cigars. One might have to learn to inhale them first.



The contents of your e-liquid can also contribute to your overall feel after vaping. Liquids with a higher concentration on nicotine may irritate the throat. Therefore, as a reflex action to it, you start to cough.

What could be the possible reasons for coughing?

Most people think that vape should be different from smoking. If you vape similarly to smoking, you might have a chance to immediately end up coughing. There may be other reasons that could force you to cough while vaping. Some of them are—

• You are not using the correct technique to vape

• Your vaporizer lacks quality

• Your vaping liquid is too strong for you

• The airflow settings on your vaping device does not match with your inhaling style

• Maybe you are using a specific flavor to vape that does not suit you

• You are sensitive to propylene glycol (PG), found in most e-liquids.

• Your inhaling speed is oddly quick

5- Ways to break off coughing after vaping.

While you adjust to vaping techniques, here are some options that could help you manage your cough. You could try—

1. Drinking water

Vaping any liquid might make your throat itchy because of dehydration. This itchiness can result in inflammation of the inner lining of throat tissues that can further cause coughing. The immediate solution could be to drink water to calm down the cough.

2. Switch to different inhaling techniques

There is a reason vaping devices are made differently as compared to cigarettes. An individual may encounter some difficulty when switching to a vape pen from a cigarette. A precise inhaling technique can prevent coughs after vaping.

You could make some adjustments in your inhalation while vaping. Usually, new vapers take time to adapt to the vaping technique that works for them.

3. Change your vaping juice

Your coughing could be a warning that the quality of your vaping liquid is compromised. It could be the ingredients or their concentration on your e-liquid that are causing the cough. You might need to change or reconsider your options.

PG or propylene glycol is added to the manufacturing of vaping liquids. A higher concentration on this chemical can lead to excessive coughing for some vapers. Choose your vape juice accordingly.

4. Try inhaling smaller puffs

Inhaling all at once can overwhelm your lungs, ultimately causing a cough. You could start by taking mild puffs of the vape. This way, you can gradually become comfortable with vaping and reduce your chances of getting caught in a cough.

5. Slow it down

You could start to vape occasionally and avoid continuously vaping. Smokers with little knowledge of vaping tend to make mistakes when they begin to vape. No matter how tempting it may feel, it would help if you discontinue using it to avoid coughing. Regular breaks can help you adjust and adapt to a more convenient vaping technique.

What should you do if the coughing does not stop?

Vaping or smoking can generally cause coughing that does not last any longer than roughly a couple of weeks. You could wait for a few days or weeks to see if the coughing subsides. Your body would get used to it by then.

There may be some infection or allergy in your lungs that is causing you excessive coughing. If the coughing persists, it would be best to see a specialist. You could stop vaping for your cough to ease down a bit finally. The other alternative is to try CBD e-liquids as they are nicotine-free.

Can vape devices make a difference?

Without a doubt, YES! The more advanced the vaping pen is, the more controllable you can have on its functioning. Having said that, your vaping liquid is equally responsible for enhancing your vaping experience.


A standard vaping device would restrict the flow of vapors reaching down to your lungs. It would ensure the liquid is free from harmful contaminants. Eventually, reducing the chances of coughing while using it. In the case of e-juice, read its active ingredients before purchasing. Go for brands whose products have gone under third-party lab tests.


Coughing could be persistent, but it can be dealt with. You could implement the above-stated ways to prevent and control your cough. Nevertheless, vaping is a better lifestyle alternative to smoking. However,We have covered 5 ways to stop the cough and the ways in which you can prevent it .

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