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Reduce the risk of lung cancer

Electronic cigarettes do not produce carcinogens and harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia and radioactive compounds, and also reduce lung exposure to these substances. Smoking is harmful to health and it is not a joke.

● No need to clean up soot

Soot is always annoying. Old smokers know that after smoking in the house, a thin layer of soot will be covered on the furniture, which also poses a safety hazard. Electronic cigarettes do not produce soot, and the vaporized smoke oil settles on other things and is very easy to clean.

● No unpleasant smoke

Smoking will leave a heavy smell on the hands and body, especially the breath will be unpleasant. What's more, people who don’t smoke will be very sensitive to this smell. After smoking in the smoking area, the smell on the body will be the same. It will make people in the office disgusted.

The smell of e-cigarettes is pretty good, and it is not easy to remain in the hands. Once they smoked e-cigarettes next to two female colleagues, they found it acceptable.

● Will not cause fire

Unlike cigarettes, cigars or chimneys, e-cigarettes do not burn with an open flame, and will not cause huge fire hazards if discarded randomly like cigarette butts. The heating ring of the electronic cigarette is also sealed, which means that the heat generated by the electronic cigarette is difficult to spread to the outside.

● Healthier oral cavity, fresher breath

The smoke of e-cigarettes contains far fewer chemicals than cigarettes. People who use e-cigarettes will not have the strong tone of cigarette tar, and they don’t have to consider the smoke stains on their teeth. The smoke stains on their teeth are very scary. phenomenon.

● You can choose the nicotine content

Quitting smoking is indeed a difficult project. E-cigarettes provide a way to gradually reduce the nicotine content in the e-liquid. E-cigarette e-liquid can clearly control the nicotine content. There are various levels of e-liquid from 0mg to 24mg, the low ones are 3mg and 6mg, and the high ones are 18mg and 24mg similar to cigarettes.

Quitting smoking can gradually reduce the nicotine content, and choose e-liquids with lower nicotine content in turn, and the nicotine replacement therapy that is more effective for smoking cessation also uses this idea.

● There are much fewer venue restrictions

In view of the small impact of e-cigarette "second-hand smoke" on others, e-cigarette smoking is still allowed in many public places (unless the city is ordered to ban e-cigarettes). E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, so no smoke is produced, and there is no need to "ignite" them, and try not to use them in sealed spaces. After all, not everyone likes the taste of e-cigarettes.

● More environmentally friendly

Cigarette butts are made of chemical compounds that are difficult to degrade. Many cigarette butts are randomly thrown into the streets, sewers, and rivers. Cigarette butts cause huge environmental problems. We can often see littered cigarette butts in scenic spots. Everyone understands that they are one thing. What kind of mood.

E-cigarettes not only do not produce cigarette butts, but also do not produce harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Smoking e-cigarettes is a relatively responsible choice for the environment.

Everything has two sides, the points that e-cigarettes need to pay attention to

Today, in the era when small cigarettes are prevalent, there is no scientific conclusion about the specific harm that e-cigarettes will bring to the human body. There is a saying that all electronic cigarettes will produce formaldehyde, which is nonsense for small cigarettes. But also avoid using e-cigarettes in front of minors.

Because the small smoke can not reach the temperature that can generate formaldehyde gas (it needs 400-500° high temperature heating, and the small smoke heating smoke oil temperature will not exceed 200°)

There is also the problem of proper amount. Drinking too much water all at once can cause water poisoning, not to mention electronic cigarettes. Be sure to control the amount of inhalation a day, not too frequently. It is recommended to consume 15 puffs at a time. One cartridge is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. It is fine to use for three or four days.

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