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Vaping Vs Smoking: Which is better for us?


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While vaping involves drawing in and exhaling fumes from different essences and nicotine, smoking is breathing in air from burning tobacco. Currently, there's an increase in the use of e-cigarette also known as vape.


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Many people are switching to vaping as an alternative to smoking. One of the reasons for choosing the e-cigarette is that it helps one to quit smoking. Well, people view smoking as more dangerous, but is true? Which is better for us? Smoking or vaping?

For over 2,000 years now, tobacco smoking has been in existence. So, should you vape or smoke? Let’s explore the effects of smoking and vaping to make this choice.

Which is Less Harmful

Unlike smoking, vape lacks tobacco. Smoking is always categorized as harmful because of its cancer-causing properties. But, did you know what is more harmful in the cigarette is not tobacco?

Cigarettes contain several other properties like tar and carbon monoxide that are more dangerous to your health. Though tobacco is cancerous, one might be diagnosed with the disease after years of consumption.

On the other hand, vaping is said to be less harmful. Why? It's considered that vape aerosols don't contain all the variant contaminants like in tobacco smoke. Still, this is not reason enough to misuse vape with the claim it's less harmful than tobacco.

For instance, nicotine, chemicals such as diacetyl, and heavy metals like nickel are present in the e-cigarette's fumes. The chemicals are known to cause cancer and affect brain development in children. So, which is less harmful? From the discussion, it is clear that many people prefer vaping as it lacks cancerous tobacco. What would you prefer?

Long-term Effects of Smoking

Did you know that globally a third of the deaths caused by cancer are a result of smoking cigarettes? And 90% of the cancer is lung cancer. Over a long period of smoking, the contaminants in tobacco are harmful. As mentioned earlier, the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes apart from tobacco include tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and cyanide.

Smoking cigarettes is known to cause harm to many organs of the body. You’ll likely suffer from lung, mouth, esophagus, stomach and, pharynx cancer. Other long-term effects include lung problems such as emphysema which is damage to the lungs.

 More so, there're other risks like bronchitis, pneumonia, loss of taste and appetite, cataracts, and heart disease. Long-term smoking interferes with blood circulation which is the cause of heart diseases and stroke. Also, there's a high risk of early births, stillbirths, miscarriages, and delivery of small babies.

Long-term Effects of Vaping

While vaping is the new norm, it comes with different teething troubles. From research gathered by various institutions, a high percentage of nicotine and variant chemical compounds in the e-liquids is what risks your health.

Vaping on high nicotine interferes with brain development for children and teens. Pregnant women who vape hampers with the fetus's brain growth. In addition, adolescents get addicted when they vape. Addiction results from the brain adjustment. Therefore, as much as many people try quitting smoking through vaping, some get addicted.

About 60 different compounds are used in vape juice and are considered harmful. Prolonged exposure to vaping is a major cause of upper respiratory diseases. And, among the most dangerous chemicals are glycol and propylene.

Benefits of Vaping Vs Smoking

Do you now understand the negative effects of vaping and smoking? There’re several benefits of vaping over smoking. While many people choose to quit smoking through vaping, is it advisable? If you wish to quit smoking, you're not alone; seven out of every ten smokers stop smoking to stay healthy. Here're the benefits of vaping over smoking:

1. It’s Significantly Better for Your Health

Whereas vaping is new in the market, it is less harmful compared to smoking tobacco. The most feared substance in cigarettes is tobacco which is not in vape. Research from various institutions reveals that tobacco has about 7,000 harmful chemicals. Besides, vaping has about only 60 different chemical compounds. Vape turns out to be much better also because smoking is powerful for its effectiveness to calm nerves faster.

2. Vaping is Much Cheaper than Smoking

Vaping is cheaper. Why? While smoking might cost you about $9,000 yearly, vaping costs approximately $900. The most expensive part of vaping is the initial cost that is necessary to set up everything. The price ranges from $40 to $60. When you compare the prices, vaping is less costly by 10%.

3. Second-hand Fumes is not as dangerous as Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke is quite harmful. When smoking cigarettes, the passive smoker inhales both the smoke from the cigarette and the exhaled smoke. Second-hand smoke can cause long-term health effects on an individual.

Basing on a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 40% of American grown-ups resonate with the fact that second-hand vape smoke is less harmful. Some say it's not harmful at all. Though, there's more research needed on vape.

4. There are Many More Vape Flavors than Tobacco

Vape flavors range from thousands for instance, vape juice and nicotine salt flavors. From fruits, menthol, candy, cereal, and pod flavors, the list is endless. Tobacco is limited to a few flavors that take quite some time to infuse. For instance, if you want a flavored cigar, you've got to purchase the cigar flavor and follow a procedure. Some of the few flavors are cherry and vanilla.

5. You Can Use Your Vape in Places Where You Can’t Smoke

In most public areas where puffing is not allowed, vaping is. So, most people vape in public areas rather than smoke. Currently, many smokers choose to vape as they get to do it in many places. For this reason, smokers have found more reasons to vape in public to save from spending on cigarettes.

Now, what is best? Vaping or smoking? Both activities have detrimental effects on your health. It's wise to avoid both, but let's say you've failed to do so. Do you vape or smoke? While smoking is well known to cause cancer, vaping is not. Vaping is much more fun and considered less harmful.

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