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Why Do I Cough When I Vape?


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Why Do I Cough When I Vape?

While vaping is a pleasant experience with a spicy taste, you might cough when you vape, especially as a beginner. A survey done on 600 novice vapers revealed that 57% of them coughed on their first vape.




So, what could be going wrong? Maybe, you've recently quit smoking, and now you're smoking instead of vaping. The vaping technique is one of the major causes of the cough. If you're going through this rough patch, don't fret, you'll learn. 


According to the survey, 93% of the vapers stated that after some time, the cough ceased. Whether you haven't learned the craft of vaping, you have inadequate equipment or vaping on wrong e-liquids, it's wise to know what's causing the cough. 


Read on to get more insight on why you cough when you vape.

Vape Cough: What is it?

A vape cough is a protective method the throat engages in that entails clearance of the air passages due to a disturbance when substances such as vape irritate. It involves an abrupt sharp-sounding and removal of air from the lungs. 


As a beginner and a former smoker, vaping may pose coughing challenges until the body gets used to it. So, do you cough when you vape, have no worries? Soon, you'll become accustomed to vaping? And you'll enjoy it. Adjusting to a new style of vaping may be of great help to reduce vape cough instances.


Why do You Cough When You Vape?

Are you about to quit vaping due to the frequent cough you experience? There are several reasons why you keep coughing when you vape. Don't quit yet. Here are some reasons to help you stop coughing and vape like a pro.

Damaged Cilia

The cilia are part of the lungs that clears dirt and mucus from the lungs. One of the causes of damaged cilia is smoking. When the damage occurs, the normal functioning of the lungs is interfered with and causes coughing.


 As you stop smoking cigarettes, the cilia gradually repair, but the cough may take some time to heal. Therefore, if you were a smoker and now you vape, the cough might occur depending on the condition of your cilia. Give it some time. You'll soon enjoy your vape.


Bad Vape Mode or Atomizer

Is your equipment set up correctly? Coughing when you vape may be a result of a faulty vape mod or atomizer. Some vape equipment has extensive vape mods and many replaceable parts. And, this increases the chances of wrong setups. 


Check out your equipment to ensure everything is in its position to avoid coughing when you vape. Are you unable to do it on your own? You may speak to the vape shop you bought for help.


Poor E-Liquid Quality

While you may want to spend less and enjoy your vape, it's no lie that cheap is expensive. Poor e-liquid quality may cause you to cough. Some e-liquid manufacturers produce low-quality juices that may be harmful. Check out the quality and safety of your e-liquid and enjoy a cough-free vaping experience.


High PG and Nicotine Levels

Vaping is fun with a throat-hit. High propylene glycol (PG) is added to the e-juice to relish the experience. While it's safe to use PG in your vape, high levels are what cause the cough. You might also be using large devices or sub-ohm vape kits.


The combination that will cause a vape cough is large devices with high battery output and high nicotine levels. So, if you want to deal with the cough and have fun vaping, lower the PG and nicotine levels.


Direct to Lung Vaping

Direct to lung vaping involves inhaling the vapor straight to your lungs. If you're new to vaping, you'd be safe trying out the other style of vaping, mouth to lungs. As you begin to vape, it's wise to take it slow. Please do not buy a sub-ohm device or one with a large vape mod. Wait till you become a pro for it.


How Can You Prevent a Vaping Cough?

A vape cough ruins your experience. The good news is that you can prevent it. Here's how to do:


Try Different Inhaling Techniques   

Vaping is different from smoking. People vape from the mouth to the lungs while others do it directly to the lungs. And when you make the switch, it will take you some time to adjust. Learning new inhaling techniques is the trick. With several trials, you'll soon puff like a pro. Try out different techniques and see what works for you.

Change PG/VG Ratio

Most vapers increase their PG /VG levels to enjoy vaping. The thick clouds and the sensation that comes from such ratios are what most vapers want. It causes a throat hit, so you might cough when you vape, especially as a new vaper. You might want to tone down the ratios to enjoy vaping without coughing.


Experiment with Nicotine Levels

The levels of nicotine in the e-liquid affect your experience as you vape. When you're a pro, you'll enjoy high nicotine levels, but as a beginner, it's wise to reduce the nicotine. As you vape regularly, you will get used to it. And you can adjust the nicotine levels.


Experiment with Nicotine Salts

To reduce vape cough, you need a smooth feel in your throat. If you want the throat hit gone, try out nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are also called nic salts and found in some e-liquids will make it possible. 


Drink Water

Water is essential in your diet. Even as a vaper, you need to keep yourself hydrated. PG, a component in e-juice, leads to dehydration. And as it meets with the water in the saliva, you can cough. So, keep drinking eight glasses of water a day. And it'll help out with the vape cough.


Lower the Wattage

With adjustable power output and wattage, you're likely to experience high vapor. If you're dealing with high vapor levels as a new vaper, the vapor condenses inside the airways leading to a cough. Ensure you have adjusted the wattage to lower levels to keep up with the vapor.


Change the Coil

Are you experiencing low vapor with a burnt taste, it's time to change the coils. The vape device contains cotton that soaks in the e-liquid. After long periods of using it, the cotton starts to burn. And this causes one to puff on dry air resulting in a cough. In this case, changing the coil will save you from choking on burnt vapor.



Vaping is a safer option than smoking. So if you've quit smoking, you're on the right track! Be patient with yourself, do not let vape cough get you back to cigarettes. Learn new techniques, get the right equipment, control the juices ratios, keep yourself hydrated, and you'll be fine. Try out the prevention measures stated, and you're about to vape without coughing!


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